Mike Lanni

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Coffee Art Series

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“Mike Lanni’s canvas surfaces are not subtle. They are sexy, alluring and quite surprising, as the central medium reveals itself to be a substance, near and dear to many of us: Coffee. The pieces leap off the wall, combining minimal composition with high contrast mono-chromatics, refined by a polished surface treatment. Equally surprising are the depths of color the coffee yields, which is determined by the varying degrees of concentration. The designs are gently guided by the artist’s hand, and then left to their natural evaporation process. As the stains settle and coagulate, they reveal occasional grains of sediment, bringing to mind the gypsy traditions of reading our future in coffee grounds or tealeaves. Indeed many of the images could second as Rorschach tests, as our eye and mind wrestle for supremacy.”
- Petra Wright GDCA Gallery

  • That Elusive Moment

    The intention of my work.
    Every piece of art originates, is caused by, and is executed to achieve a moment of wonder, reflecting the breathtaking beauty of the natural world. Using bold, striking imagery, I work in partnership with nature to create works that will halt, provoke, and energize.